Lessons tagged with 'Alberti Bass'

Piano Somatics & The Musical Component of an Alberti Bass

Alan explains that this seemingly simple little pattern actually contains a lot of hidden musical complexity.

Alan Fraser
Mar 10, 2024

Piano Somatics and the Alberti Bass

Alan explains how to transform the Alberti Bass from a boring, repetitive pattern to a stimulating accompaniment figure.

Alan Fraser
Mar 3, 2024

Alberti bass from a musical point of view

Keep yourself aware of the levels of the sound

Alan Fraser
Jun 19, 2023

Alberti bass from a technical point of view

Alan demistifies the famous Albert bass problem

Alan Fraser
Jun 13, 2023

The danger of slow practice?

We have to be smart about our piano practice

Alan Fraser
Sep 20, 2021

Arpeggios - The Thumb Needs to be Springy

When you swivel you, rob the thumb of it's power

Alan Fraser
Nov 27, 2017

Structural Stability for Better Alberti Bass

Alan is talking about Alberti bass and hand structure

Alan Fraser
Feb 15, 2016