AFF Institute - Ottawa 2015

Ottawa 2015


person Alan Fraser

video_library 15 Episodes

schedule 2 hours 8 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 1

Elastic Hand for A Chopin Etude

Alan talks about the sound and scouping, fulcrum like movement that induces elasticity in the hand. Via Chopin's Black Key etude

access_time15 minutes 1 second


Episode 2

Left Hand - Chopin Black Keys Etude

Alan gives useful pointers ofor left hand in Chopin's black keys etude

access_time6 minutes 5 seconds


Episode 3

Rotation and Counter Rotation for a Healthy Hand

Alan talks about remedial effects rotation has on piano technique as well as rotation in scales

access_time10 minutes 4 seconds


Episode 4

Rotation in Scales and Leaps

Alan talks about scales and leaps and gives examples from the literature

access_time8 minutes 4 seconds


Episode 5

Elasticising Sound Aesthetic for the Ocean Etude

The sound picture for the entire etude

access_time7 minutes 36 seconds


Episode 6

Fixing up the Passagework Technique

We go back to basics and brake down the technique that allows us to play runs and passages

access_time7 minutes 36 seconds


Episode 7

Use Your Hand Muscles and Stand

How to stand and why is it important?

access_time5 minutes 21 seconds


Episode 8

Second Ballade Opening

Standing, double escapement..

access_time7 minutes 23 seconds


Episode 9

Lay Down Your Flat Hand

Alan talks about flat fingers, unified flection and agogics

access_time5 minutes 58 seconds


Episode 10

Elastic Hand - Playing From Within The Key

Melt your hand into the piano and get alive sound

access_time5 minutes 27 seconds


Episode 11

Elastic Release for Brilliance and Ease

Structured hand is not a stiff hand if it's elastically created

access_time8 minutes 17 seconds


Episode 12

Re-establish the Hands Biological Relationship to the Keyboard

You don't learn to walk by walking

access_time4 minutes 4 seconds


Episode 13

Liszt-La Leggierezza Part 1

Alan and Marc work on the concert etude [entire lesson]

access_time27 minutes 8 seconds


Episode 14

Action Which Generates the Physical Connection

Alan talks about the importance of good connection and how to make it happen

access_time4 minutes 5 seconds


Episode 15

Structural Stability for Better Alberti Bass

Alan is talking about Alberti bass and hand structure

access_time6 minutes 29 seconds