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Have you ever wanted to pick a brain of a really good piano player or teacher?

We offer a unique glimpse into the minds of some of the most eminent piano pedagogues, including Alan Fraser – we are also the official lesson video site for the Alan Fraser Piano Institute.

We take a “heuristic” approach, empowering you to discover or learn something for yourself.

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Introductory journey

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Breakthrough in your piano technique
Welcome to the site that presents my teaching in the greatest detail and in the most well-organized fashion. Watch videos here to improve your hands’ agility, sensitivity and capability.
Alan Fraser
Pianist, pedagogue
Study with eminent pedagogues and the recorded lessons makes it possible for me to deepen my knowledge of my lessons with prof. Fraser. is well structured which makes it easy to access a specific technical problem or a particular piece. To have this opportunity to watch and study the foremost pianists and teachers approach makes me happy to recommend it to any pianist.
Lars Lantz
Pianist, Sweden
Addicited to it
I am continuing to enjoy very much. I am becoming quite addicted to it. I find I ALWAYS learn from Alan’s every single lesson and lecture. The more lessons I watch, the more I understand what Alan is getting at (hopefully), and the more everything is beginning to make sense and fall into place. It is great to see and hear him handle so many different musical and pianistic situations (and people!), and it is always encouraging and inspiring. Basically, your website has put world-class, top notch piano teaching and cutting-edge piano technique into the public domain, making it accessible for those who have ears to hear.
Mark Fitton
Pianist, teacher, UK
Great inspiration is a great inspiration. I watch all Alan’s lessons, it reminds me every time of the techniques he is teaching us. I just watched part of my own lesson and I am pleasantly surprised how clear the sound is. You hear every word of our discussion.
Karin Ten Cate
Pianist, Canada