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Episode 1

Piano Somatics & The Craft of Piano Playing

Alan describes his first landmark book, published in 2003

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Episode 2

Piano Somatics: The Hand is a Mini-Body

Alan explains how this intriguing metaphor is such an empowering concept for pianists.

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Episode 3

Piano Somatics and the Alberti Bass

Alan explains how to transform the Alberti Bass from a boring, repetitive pattern to a stimulating accompaniment figure.

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Episode 4

Piano Somatics & Unstable Equilibrium

Alan explains how floating and balancing the hand allows the fingers to work much better than when they are burdened with a weighted touch

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Episode 5

Piano Somatics & The Musical Component of an Alberti Bass

Alan explains that this seemingly simple little pattern actually contains a lot of hidden musical complexity.

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Episode 6

Piano Somatics examines musicality in Beethoven's Fur Elise

Alan shows that even a simple piece like Fur Elise can be given new expressive life when the hand knows how to walk beautifully on key.

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Episode 7

Piano Somatics & Honing the Pianistic Self-Image

Alan describes his second book, that takes the hand from a solid structurality to a new state of freedom: unstable equilibrium

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Episode 8

Piano Somatics examines the role of the thumb in playing scales

Alan shows how the thumb needs to be more fully utilized if a scale is going to shine and run quickly.

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Episode 9

Piano Somatics and scale playing

Alan asks whether the hand really passes over the thumb in scales... or not?

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Episode 10

Piano Somatics & Tai Chi Chuan

Alan explores the interesting overlap between the distinct walking patterns of Tai Chi and the hand producing improved sound at the keyboard

access_time2 minutes 27 seconds


Episode 11

Piano Somatics & Developing Velocity at the Keyboard

Alan shows us some of the underlying skill sets one needs to develop in order to play really fast passages

access_time3 minutes 22 seconds


Episode 12

Piano Somatics - Making the Piano Sing

Alan shows how a hand that is better organized in its physical structure and function will make the piano sing more beautifully

access_time2 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 13

Piano Somatics & Debussy's Claire de lune

Alan shows how to use hand structure and function to create a truly Impressionistic soundscape appropriate to the delicate emotions of Claire de lune

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Episode 14

Piano Somatics & The Difference Between an Olympic Runner and a Jogger

Alan discusses just what it takes for your piano technique to evolve past the hobby stage

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Episode 15

Piano Somatics & All Thumbs: Well-Coordinated Piano Technique

Alan's introduces his third book, all about the thumb's crucial role in empowering the entire hand at the piano

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Episode 16

Piano Somatics & Pianimals, the first piano method based on the Feldenkrais Method

Alan explains the contents of the five volume set of Pianimals books

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Episode 17

Piano Somatics: Why "How" You Play the Piano Affects the Musical Result

Alan shows how a standing hand at the piano leads to all sorts of improvement in sound quality and musicianship

access_time1 minute 24 seconds