PianoTechnique.org is an euducational platform (application) for pianists developed by Jovan Haji-Djurich and Alan Fraser.


The Netflix of piano technique

Workshop unlocking for non attendees - in addition to having an active account, a student needs to unlock a workshop for a small fee. Unlocking includes access to all the videos in the workshop unless they are privacy protected. You will see a little lock icon next to those videos. Downloads of other participants lessons/videos are not allowed.

Unlocking price for large workshops/institutes (over 35 videos) = 25eur

Unlocking price for medium workshops/institutes (over 20 videos) = 20eur

Unlocking price for small workshops/institutes (up to 20 videos) = 15eur

Unlocking routine:

In order to unlock a workshop, an in app credit must be present in your account. The system will guide you through the unlocking process and credit deposits.

Workshop videos are processed and uploaded asap but we prioritize current members. If you signed up months after your workshop and can't find your videos, please get in touch so we can find your videos and make them available to you. So, if you attended or you are planning on attending Alan's workshops, we strongly suggest you sign up so we process and upload your content as soon as possible.

Workshop Privacy:

All the uploaded videos in a workshop are by default available to all users who unlock or already have access to that workshop. Since we provide access to the whole workshop rather than individual lessons, we have developed a few privacy mechanisms available to our users.

Privacy Settings:

1. Only me - a video can only be viewed by its owner.

2. All workshop participants - all workshop participants can view the video.

These video settings can be accessed and changed as soon as video becomes available on the site or prior to video uploading and processing by a written or verbal request.

If no privacy settings are set, we will assume that videos are available to everybody who has access to the workshop, that we can also use them for our regular uploads in the main library. No videos will be posted publicly or to any social sites without a written consent from the student. The main library content is only available to our paying users as long as their account is active.

In case of a special request, we shall not make a lesson/s available in the workshop, or we will privacy protect it as long as the person who made the request has an active account. These requests can be submitted to Alan before or during the workshop or Jovan via email or chat.

Videos availability - Alan records all the sessions, lectures, lessons, ATMs.. during his workshops/institutes and we put them all up on the website as soon as possible. Still, it might take us a day, two or more. For this reason, you can opt in for workshop video update notifications on every workshop page. Simply click the button and you will receive an email every time a workshop is updated. Sometimes we max out our video storage and we have to wait a few days until we can upload again. In that case, please ba patient and click that subscribe to workshop button so you get an email the moment workshop is updated.


All the transactions are handled by our retail partners 2checkout.com and Stripe. We do not process or record any credit card information on this website.

The payments are recurring and will bill until stopped by customer or staff member for any reason.

Cancellation, Termination and Refunds

Only the subscriber may cancel the subscription. Plase do not email asking us to cancel your subscription. Simply login and do it yourself or if you really need assistance, please reach out to me via chat and I'll get back to you asap. But really, just login and deactivate, it's that simple.


Technical support is available to paid PianoTechnique.org subscribers. You can reach us via chat client in the lower right hand corner. I am also generally very happy to answer any of your questions about the site or piano in general.

Updates and Changes

We may modify these Terms of Use at any time by posting revised terms on this website or notifying you by email. We may add features to the PianoTechnique.org service and modify or remove other features at any time.