The main library is the "main" meat of the site. We publish several videos/week on different topics, organized in series. Think of it as the Netflix of piano technique.

More on how the main library is structured here

Workshops library consists of raw video materials from various workshops/institutes given by Alan Fraser around the world. Raw, in a sense, that camera is rolling, no edits were made so you see it all.

More on how workshops are structured here


Paths - are you new or just looking for some more structure in your learning process? Paths is a good start. We offer only a few for now such as beginners, injury..


Series - exactly what the name says. They consist of episodes, you can subscribe to one (or rather be subscribed to notifications whenever a new episode comes out). We also track your progress throughout any given series and let you know what percentage is completed.


Tags - quite simple concept. Each and every video we publish is tagged, sometimes several times. Browse all the tags and narrow down your search even more.


Site search will give the best possible result from both libraries including any video timestamps. As you know we still can not search within the video itself (more on Timestamps here), so we had to come up with a system of tagging in video content.

Filters will help you fine tune your search. Show me the beginner lectures, 5-10 minutes long, given by Alan? We got you. This is what filters are for.

Lastly, tags - more about tags here


New series episode notifications, well, wouldn't it be nice if you were somehow notified every time a new episode of the series you like goes up? Click the subscribe button below the series on a video page or the same button on the respectful series page and you will start receiving notifications.

Workshop update notifications, quite similar. It takes us time to process and make those workshop videos available to you and say you really had a good lesson and you are eager to see your lesson asap but it's not available yet. Click the subscribe button on the workshop page and you will be notified the second the workshop gets updated.

Site notifications, this you have seen all over the place. You can find link to the page either in the sidebar or from your main screen (if there are any).

User accounts

Settings, this is where you can administer your account. Change your email and pass and cancel your account.

Dashboard, videos you might have missed since your last visit, your Experience points, store credit and such ..

Favorites, every video from the main library can be favorites or place in your favorites. This is the place where you'll find them all. Find a video you like in the main library and want to save it for later. Favorite it by pressing the heart icon on each video page.

My videos, this one does quite a lot.

  1. Gives you access to the videos you saves from the workshops library.
  2. Gives you access to your private lessons, if any.
  3. Gives you access to your purchased video content, if any.


DVDs, at, we offer 2 DVDs for sale now. You can purchase them at the discount price, if you are a member and they will like any other digital product, be available to you immediately. After purchase, they will be place in

Can't miss them.


Q&A, you ask a question via our form and we answer on video. Simple as that. It might take us some time to get back to you but we always do. And you can opt in to get notified when we post your answer video.

Experience point, Every time you complete a video, you receive a bit of experience points. What are these? Just internet points you can brag about really. The more you have, the more experienced you are. podcast - Alan and Jovan sit together and talk about Alan's research, teaching, methods, music.. credit, is used only for unlocking a workshop/s. Visit our workshops page for the full list of available workshops. These are live recorded events around Europe and North America recorded by Alan himself. Click the lock icon next to it and the system will guide you on how to unlock it.

Timestamps was an idea that was baked into the very inception of this platform. Before all the AI tools, we had to rely on human input in order to transcribe or note interesting moments in each video in our main library. It was a good idea too to engage the community in order to curate the content we provide. the program is still active, even though submissions are do not happen that often. We also reward a 10xp on each submission. A small token of application from our side.

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