Practical applications of piano somatics

Derived from the lecture Alan gave in Hanns Eisler music school 2023 in Germany


person Alan Fraser

video_library 13 Episodes

schedule 48 minutes 43 seconds


Episode 1

A singing line is achieved when the arm joints notes

While the fingers do their thing

access_time6 minutes 12 seconds


Episode 2

Bring your hand arch to life

By giving it a posture or "acture" as Alan says

access_time3 minutes 22 seconds


Episode 3

You don't play forte by slamming the piano

Soften the blow by standing up and get the purer vibration of the string

access_time1 minute 46 seconds


Episode 4

Understand the standing action and how it can be modified to create different kinds of sonority

This is how you produce multi layered beauty of sound

access_time4 minutes 9 seconds


Episode 5

Alberti bass from a technical point of view

Alan demistifies the famous Albert bass problem

access_time4 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 6

Alberti bass from a musical point of view

Keep yourself aware of the levels of the sound

access_time1 minute 32 seconds


Episode 7

Big chords and the harpsichord technique

Alan demonstrates big chords

access_time5 minutes 42 seconds


Episode 8


"There is a space between the notes"

access_time3 minutes 18 seconds


Episode 9

How about leaping?

Alan demonstrates leaps with la campanella

access_time2 minutes 55 seconds


Episode 10

How about octave jumps?

Are the octaves played "from the wrist" or is there something else at play?

access_time4 minutes 19 seconds


Episode 11

How to grow the arch if I have small hands

Tiny adjustments are needed even if you have small hands

access_time4 minutes 19 seconds


Episode 12

Build up your repertoire of movements at the piano

"Expressively directed micro timing"

access_time4 minutes 16 seconds


Episode 13

Don't get stuck in the physical aspect of piano technique

Experience the physical but link it to the ear and emotions

access_time1 minute 54 seconds