All About Scales and Arpeggios

Building blocks of good piano technique. Bits or the whole dedicated lessons only to scales.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 24 Episodes

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Episode 1

Putting the Thumb Under in Scales

Alan is busting the myth: opposition, not flexion

access_time5 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 2

Make the Length of the Fingers the Same

Changing the angle of the hand does not help muscles and they stop working.

access_time3 minutes 41 seconds


Episode 3

Scales - Going Down

The thumb carries the hand. Springiness!

access_time4 minutes 52 seconds


Episode 4

Keeping the Angle the Same

The structure needs to be elastified

access_time5 minutes 51 seconds


Episode 5

Stepping Stones - Going Down

The springy thumb is powering the whole motion

access_time5 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 6

Play The Scales Like Chico Marx

The springiness of the thumb is what gets us through

access_time3 minutes 15 seconds


Episode 7

Left Hand Arpeggios

Open the hand and get "springy"

access_time4 minutes 43 seconds


Episode 8

The Real Prerequisite for Playing Good Scales and Arpeggios

is the functional hand!

access_time2 minutes 47 seconds


Episode 9

Slide for the Better Elasticity

The sliding is designed to get rid of the remaining crampedness

access_time2 minutes 10 seconds


Episode 10

Arpeggios - The Thumb Needs to be Springy

When you swivel you, rob the thumb of it's power

access_time4 minutes 24 seconds


Episode 11

Pivoting vs Wobbling in Arpeggios

pronation and supination w/ small hands

access_time6 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 12

Stay Supinated and Elasticised

We are working on left hand arpeggios

access_time5 minutes 47 seconds


Episode 13

The Power that Animates a Scale

The thumb needs to do this amazing carrying job

access_time4 minutes 3 seconds


Episode 14

Healthy and Exuberant Thumb

The thumb should not be dysfunctional

access_time5 minutes 18 seconds


Episode 15

The Hand Stays in Balance

The true point of unstable equilbrium and the mental image we need to cultivate

access_time3 minutes 32 seconds


Episode 16

Standing in Scales and Why is it Important

Alan is working with a young pianist and explaining the importance of standing

access_time5 minutes 32 seconds


Episode 17

Teach The Reflexes to Stand Up in Fast Tempo

The functional hand can not collapse in fast tempo

access_time3 minutes


Episode 18

How to Practice Scales Slowly

By activating hand's hip joint all the way

access_time5 minutes 13 seconds


Episode 19

Horizontal Scales

Inspired from Louise Robyn, Chicago pianist and teacher

access_time3 minutes 43 seconds


Episode 20

Scale Essentials

A short segment on scales and the whole hand drop issue

access_time2 minutes 8 seconds


Episode 21

Scales Exercises - Thumb

access_time5 minutes 33 seconds


Episode 22

The Differentiation between the Thumb and the Hand

Very basic, yet very important exercise

access_time3 minutes 36 seconds


Episode 23

Smooth, rock solid scales

What to do if your scales sound broken up? Structure up!

access_time7 minutes 45 seconds


Episode 24

Activate the standing muscles in your hand

and use them to play not only scales, but everything really

access_time9 minutes 26 seconds