Timestamp Lesson Submitted by
Kemal´s fingering The fingering must always be the same Mario2016
Weight transfer Rotate internally and don't drop your wrist Mario2016
Point of balance Skipping Mario2016
Performance starts Beethoven - Appassionata Op. 57 I mvt - Allegro assai Jovan
How can we use this to teach young kids? August 2018 Update Mario2016
octaves Let the wrist round out the sound Jovan
He finishes playing Implementation abyss Jovan
His mvmts seem meaningless but are hypnotic and effective, transformative! Very mysterious process Gliding and Communicating Palm alanfraserpiano
swimming Update from Utrecht - August 2019 Kathleen Carels
Do not drop the knuckles on thumb You can lower the wrist but don't lower your knuckles Jovan
Fifth finger is not the weakest finger You can lower the wrist but don't lower your knuckles Jovan
weight is a burden Distribute the Weight Between Upper Arm and Fingers Mario2016
the wrist don´t usurp the hand´s power The one movement that's gonna help you in so many situations Mario2016
She finishes playing Harmonic language has emotional logic Jovan
When the left hand is good, the right hands gets better too Living in a contradiction robs you of your energy Jovan