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bones transmit kinetic energy The real power muscles of the hand Mario2016
Tai chi walking Maintain the standing function of the hand Mario2016
Polyphony Maintain the standing function of the hand Mario2016
The gravity gathers around under the feet and lifts. What is the Function Daniel
Stiffness stops the skeleton from behaving like a kinematic chain. Feel The Weight of Your Arm Daniel
The Tai Chi empty step in polyphonic passages How Can We be Elegant in Managing the Anti Gravity Function Daniel
Coordinate Motion & Shear Factor Flexors, Extensors, Interossei and the Bigger Picture Daniel
Rotation is present in every note Thinking in Terms of Functional Structure Daniel
Stretching and dual muscular pull Taubman Rotation Daniel
Role of the arm from harpsichordists is to make phrases Differentiation of Fingers and the Arm Daniel
Harpsichord trills Organic Hand Series Wrap Up Daniel
Uncurl the claw technique Hand Stretching Daniel
magic mysticism The World of Berceuse Mario2016
in touch with the instrument Your Relationship with the Instrument Mario2016
The fifth finger is the second strongest finger When I feel my weight, I feel I am in the relationship with gravity Mario2016