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Legato is the basis of piano technique When I feel my weight, I feel I am in the relationship with gravity Mario2016
Alan's interpretation/idea behind this piece The sound can't be empty Jovan
End of performance The left hand in Chopin's berceuse Jovan
There is no drop There is no Drop alanfraserpiano
End of performance You are relaxed, good, now do something Jovan
Curling is only bad if you don't complete the movement. Use the new sense of moving horizontally to improve fast notes markeog
when we learn a piece Arms' function is lateral not vertical Mel02
learning a piece Arms' function is lateral not vertical Mel02
performance ends Arms' function is lateral not vertical Jovan
Performance ends Voice differentiation with a standing hand Jovan
continuos movement Stretching Mario2016
Performance ends Liszt - Mazeppa part 1 Jovan
wake the reflexes Do the big movements to wake up your reflexes Mario2016
Kemal´s fingering The fingering must always be the same Mario2016
Weight transfer Rotate internally and don't drop your wrist Mario2016