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4 years ago by MARKEOG

Hello.  I Just watched the new video "Becoming One with the Instrument".  I actually think everything Alan teaches helps a dn enables the pianist to become one with the instrument.  I even say to my students, and to myself, that we need to be part of the instrument!  That's what we are.  Whe...

4 years ago by MARKEOG

Hi.  Just to say I am loving the recent couple of series, the one on Introduction to Piano Kinematics, and the other on Chopin Etudes.  Jovan and Alan must have had a lot of fun recording them.  Thanks for your hard work, both of you.

5 years ago by MARKEOG

Hi.  I think the latest update with Alan and Jovan on skype is fantastic!  I always find these updates really inspiring and encouraging.  I felt disappointed that OUP do not want the 4th book.  Their loss!  Also, sad to hear about Phil Cohen. I think Jovan did a great job of the POI'...