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Feldenkrais, Hands, And Computer Mice? Looking For Suggestions . . .

3 years ago by Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

Hello! I'm recovering from a wrist injury and have benefited greatly from Feldenkrais and from becoming much more aware of what I'm doing at and with the piano. As part of my recovery, I'm reevaluating everything I do with my hands, including how I type and the kind of mouse I use. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations regarding ergonomic mice? Have any pianists found using a trackball or vertical mouse to be helpful? Thanks for your suggestions!

3 years ago by 57walker


2 years ago by Thibaud Kessell

Hey Thomas, did you find anything that helped? I have the same issue regarding computer use and mouse use. I have tried a vertical mouse but it still doesn't seem to solve the issue.