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What is arm weight piano technique?

A quick review of the weighted piano technique from Alan

Alan Fraser
Jan 25, 2023

Grasping: basic arch creation

Introduction to Pianimals

Alan Fraser
May 28, 2020

Neurological mechanisms make our actions smooth

And we don't really think about it in our day to day activities

Alan Fraser
Apr 16, 2020

How to teach kids to practice the piano properly?

Applies to adults too. Avoid mechanical repetition at all cost and a few other things.

Alan Fraser
Jan 14, 2020

Quick Technique Tips - Op 10 No 5

Etude in g flat major

Alan Fraser
Dec 3, 2018
Alan Fraser
Dec 1, 2018
Alan Fraser
Nov 30, 2018

June 2018 Update

Alan and Jovan talking news

Alan Fraser
Jun 8, 2018

Alan Fraser Working with the Violinist

Violin lesson from Hamm 2014

Alan Fraser
Feb 12, 2018

The Lost Art of Microtiming

Each pianist has a way of inflecting musical line

Alan Fraser
Jan 13, 2018

Improve Hand Organization for More Beautiful Sound in Fats Waller

Inner hand action and the thumb differentiation

Alan Fraser
Jan 8, 2018

Massive Sound in Liszt without Banging

Liszt-WIlde Jagt-Transcendental Etude

Alan Fraser
Dec 14, 2017

The Tragedy and the Cure of Arm Weight Technique

An amazing 47 minute long lesson on arm weight with subtitles (Brahms B flat intermezzo Op 117 No 2)

Alan Fraser
Dec 11, 2017

Flexion-Extension and Unstable Equilibrium

The first cardinal direction and a way to play by extending the fingers instead of curling them

Alan Fraser
Nov 23, 2017


How to search the site and its libraries

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Nov 2, 2017

Private Workshops Lessons Privacy Settings

Jovan explains how to set privacy level/s on private workshop lessons

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Oct 30, 2017

Rhythmic Differentiation and the Motion that Stands Your Hand Up

Alan introducing the concept of rhythmic differentation

Alan Fraser
Oct 24, 2017

Live Update from Utrecht October 2017

We are talking about Jan and Liszt competition in Utrecht, Chris Maene straight strung pianos and more

Alan Fraser
Oct 13, 2017

Why is the Thumb so Rich

Some of you might already be familiar with the fuction of the thumb but it's good to recap.

Alan Fraser
Sep 25, 2017

Piano-Voice and Posture

Alan working with a vocalist on Burt Barcharch songs The look of love and promises, promises

Alan Fraser
Sep 21, 2017

Summer 2017 Recap and Fall 2017 News

Alan and Jovan catch up on skype. Summer and Fall 2017 news

Alan Fraser
Sep 3, 2017

How to get Big Sound at the Piano

Working with the keys, not against them and making the strings vibrate the right way

Alan Fraser
Aug 24, 2017

Antigravity is Wired in to our Neuro Motor System

Alan talks about antigravity function, how to use it and get that springy, pure quality tone

Alan Fraser
Jul 6, 2017

Alan Fraser Working with the Harpist

Tournier-Harp Composition. Bach-Suite Transcription

Alan Fraser
Jul 1, 2017

Summer 2017 Update

Alan talks about his latest institutes and summer plans (apologies for poor video quality, we had some technical issues.)

Alan Fraser
Jun 15, 2017

May 2017 - Update

Alan talks about his past two institutes and latest developments

Alan Fraser
May 22, 2017

Lesson II-3-Handy Harry Slipping and Sliding

Slipping and sliding exercise, fourth arch of the hand, metacarpals

Alan Fraser
May 8, 2017

Lesson II-1-Meet Handy Harry

The main protagonist, Handy Harry

Alan Fraser
May 4, 2017

Kiddie Craft - Introduction

Alan talking about his latest project, a book for piano teachers and adult beginners

Alan Fraser
May 4, 2017

Elastic Quality

Asked by: adrienschmitt

Alan Fraser
Apr 28, 2017

Intro - The Kind of Action We are Looking For

Connect but don't compress the key, that's the trick

Alan Fraser
Apr 3, 2017

AFF - News - March 2017

This is part of recorded conversation between Alan and Jovan. Available in the Podcast-Episode 7

Alan Fraser
Mar 29, 2017

Hand Arch-Thumb Activation Exercises

Arm should do most of the work, fingers are only keeping the keys down

Alan Fraser
Mar 24, 2017

Alan Working with the Clarinetist

Clarinet-Kreisler-Leibeslied (Vussem 2014)

Alan Fraser
Mar 24, 2017

Focal Dystonia

Alan talks about dystonia and how to avoid/fix it

Alan Fraser
Mar 23, 2017

We are All Victims of the Relaxation School

Alan's lecture/lesson from his recent presentation in England

Alan Fraser
Mar 22, 2017

Working With Large Architectonic Structures in Music

via Liszt's Mephisto Waltz No. 3, Alan talks about long term structures in music and planning

Alan Fraser
Jan 30, 2017

Link the Arms to the Pelvis

Link the Arms to the Pelvis

Alan Fraser
Jan 20, 2017

Unstable Equilibrium and Rotation

Part 2 out of 3 in from Alan's Q&A on rotation. We are talking about the true skeletal alignment and rotating on the note.

Alan Fraser
Jan 9, 2017

Amplification of How We Use Rotation

Question turned in a small series and this is part 1. Alan talks about what he has recently learned about rotation

Alan Fraser
Jan 6, 2017

The Musical Pelvic Clock

Stable or rigid bodies when playing the piano? Good idea or should the body be free and fluid?

Alan Fraser
Jan 2, 2017

The Three Cardinal Directions of Movement

We are talking about Feldenkrais exercises and how related they are to piano technique

Alan Fraser
Dec 31, 2016

Bone Alignment and the Schools of Piano Technique

Have we all been taught arm weight wrong?

Alan Fraser
Dec 10, 2016

Let's Talk About the Technique

We are kicking off this series with harpsichord technique, piano escapement..

Alan Fraser
Dec 8, 2016
Alan Fraser
Dec 3, 2016
Alan Fraser
Nov 26, 2016

Chopin-Etude Opus 10 No 1

From a small workshop in Amherst, MA 2016.

Alan Fraser
Nov 22, 2016

Chopin-Hand Structure in the Harp Etude Part 2

Alan is throwing a lot of super useful info at the student.

Alan Fraser
Nov 10, 2016

Experience Points

Jovan talks about XPs

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Oct 20, 2016

Lessons and Ratings

We learn about the lessons page, video player and video rating

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Oct 17, 2016

Points of Interest

Jovan explains what Points of Interest are and how important they are for our community

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Oct 12, 2016


Introducing filters feature and how to use it

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Oct 12, 2016


We are talking about different libraries here at PianoTechnique.org

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Oct 11, 2016

How to Sight Read

Asked by: Remonholsbergen

Alan Fraser
Oct 5, 2016

Scapular Muscles

Asked by: Plaine

Alan Fraser
Sep 25, 2016

Rachmaninoff-Cello Sonata 2nd Mvt

From an Institute in Concord, NH 2015

Alan Fraser
Jul 24, 2016


A new series on thumb in the light of the organic hand approach

Alan Fraser
Jul 19, 2016

Octaves and The Thumb

We are talking about the thumb and octaves in this lesson

Alan Fraser
Apr 18, 2016

The Thumb

Some new and old things about the thumb

Alan Fraser
Apr 4, 2016

Alan Working with the Flutist

Flute-Bach Sonata (Vussem 2014)

Alan Fraser
Mar 17, 2016

How Do We Work With Children

Alan talks about the right way to get started with the piano and how the teacher should approach the beginners

Alan Fraser
Mar 8, 2016

How to Play Arpeggios?

Asked by: alvin

Alan Fraser
Jan 11, 2016

ATM - Lie On Side Slide Arms

ATM, Victoria 2015

Alan Fraser
Jan 6, 2016

Intro to Biotensegrity

A way to unify all the school of piano technique

Alan Fraser
Dec 3, 2015

What Comes First

Asked by: jocahdj

Alan Fraser
Nov 20, 2015

Arches of the Hand Revisited Part 1

Intro lecture of the Smith 2015 Institute

Alan Fraser
Oct 19, 2015
Alan Fraser
Sep 13, 2015

Use of Pelvis in Rhythmic Shaping

Charles Aschbrenner, creator of Pulse Patterning discusses use of pelvis with Alan

Alan Fraser
Sep 10, 2015

Lecture on Octaves and Chords Part 1

Lecture No.2 from AFF Institute Hope, MI 2015

Alan Fraser
Aug 18, 2015

Airport ATM Pelvic Clock In Sitting Part 1

taken from Ottawa AFF Institute - July 2015

Alan Fraser
Aug 14, 2015

Standing on the Thumb

Asked by: 57walker

Alan Fraser
Jul 16, 2015

Modes in Jazz Piano Part 2

In this part, Luis talks about improvising and melody making, sharp 11 lydian

Luis Urbina
Jul 1, 2015

MMTA Talk Part 1

Minnesota Music Teachers Association Conference - Jun 2015

Alan Fraser
Jun 23, 2015

Modes in Jazz Piano Part 1

Intro video to Luis's mini series on modes in jazz piano playing

Luis Urbina
Jun 19, 2015

Connect the Fingers to the Core

The first ATM session in Overveen 2015 Institute

Alan Fraser
Jun 9, 2015
Alan Fraser
Jun 4, 2015

Flat vs Curved Fingers

Asked by: markeog

Alan Fraser
May 15, 2015

Question about the Bench Height

We kick off this series with the question on bench height from an Institute participant

Alan Fraser
May 14, 2015

Chopin - Berceuse Op.57 Part 1

Lesson from a workshop in Geneva 2013

Alan Fraser
Mar 29, 2015

Bach - Ich ruf zu dir Chroral Prelude Part 1

Alan is demonstrating the importance of a good arch

Alan Fraser
Feb 4, 2015

Lecture on the Thumb - Eitorf 2014

Intro lecture from Eitorf, Germany 2014 Institute

Alan Fraser
Dec 27, 2014

Lie on Side - Slide Arm ATM Part 1

ATM, day 1 of Eitorf Workshop

Alan Fraser
Dec 8, 2014

ATM - The Pianistic Bell Hand

ATM - Day 6 - Smith College 2014 Institute

Alan Fraser
Nov 5, 2014

Aesthetic and Biophysical Approach Part 2

What do we get when we are extremely well organized physically?

Alan Fraser
Oct 3, 2014

How to Learn a Piece of Music Part 1

A lecture Alan gave in Salt Lake City where he talks about a proper way to approach a new piece.

Alan Fraser
Sep 5, 2014

Awareness Through Movement - Sitting Part 2

Part 2 - Sitting ATM - Ottawa Institute 2014

Alan Fraser
Aug 8, 2014

Awareness Through Movement - Sitting Part 1

ATM lesson, sitting and how to apply it when playing the piano

Alan Fraser
Aug 6, 2014

Smith College Institute Intro Lecture Part 2

Learn more about Biotensegrity, Anatomy and how all these things influence our playing. Remarks on Arm Weight school too.

Alan Fraser
Aug 1, 2014

A Developmental Approach to Piano Technique Part 1

Introduction lecture on the first day of Alan's institute in Concord, Jun 2014 (5 parts mini series)

Alan Fraser
Jun 25, 2014

Fundamentals of Healthy Movement at the Piano Part 1

Lecture Alan Fraser gave at the MTNA Annual Conference on March 22 2014 - Chicago, IL

Alan Fraser
May 30, 2014

ATM session with Alan Fraser

Awareness through movement lesson on arm frame

Alan Fraser
May 20, 2014

Legato and Arches of the Hand Lecture Part 1

How Alan came to develop his ideas? Find out in this lecture!

Alan Fraser
May 2, 2014

Chopin - Nocturne Op 48 No.1 Part 1

C minor nocturne and the first Frederyk's lesson with Alan. We are just getting started!

Alan Fraser
Apr 24, 2014

Fantasy in C Minor - K 475 Part 3

We conclude this lesson in part 3

Alan Fraser
Apr 14, 2014

Lecture on Rachmaninoff & Goethe's Faust Part 1

Interesting insight into the life and works of Rachmaninoff

Alan Fraser
Mar 16, 2014

Fantasy in C Minor - K 475 Part 2

Alan and Frances discuss a lot of things about the hand structure and the thumb

Alan Fraser
Mar 3, 2014

Fantasy in C Minor - K 475 Part 1

Alan's lesson with Frances - Part 1

Alan Fraser
Feb 26, 2014