Lessons tagged with 'Voicing'

Get the basic sound right away

Part 2 - Rachmaninov Prelude Op.32 No.12 in G sharp minor

Alan Fraser
Nov 2, 2022
Alan Fraser
Mar 11, 2022

Is Weighted Touch Good for You

Weighted touch reduces melodic flexibility and orchestral sound

Alan Fraser
Sep 22, 2018

Liszt-Transcendental Etude No 8 Wilde Jagd Part 8

Part 8, more on dynamic levels, articulation and voicing.

Kemal Gekic
Dec 22, 2016

Expressive Sonority

Alan talks about bold melodic siging or

Alan Fraser
Oct 14, 2015

Three Dimensional Piano Playing

Alan talks about the three dimensions while creating music

Alan Fraser
Oct 13, 2015