Lessons tagged with 'Tone'

Two hour piano lesson on one note

Piano is a percussion instrument. What kind of sound we get back depents of a kind of touch we provide

Alan Fraser
Mar 27, 2023

Float the arm

The question was about the Rachmaninoff concerto but can it be applied to anything?

Alan Fraser
Jul 25, 2021

Quiet as Cinderella

Kemal focuses on explaining how different sounds can bring out a variety of different characters

Kemal Gekic
Sep 29, 2019

Controlling the keyboard and sound production

We are talking about the controlling the keyboard and sound production and Alan claims it all happens before we even play

Alan Fraser
Aug 10, 2019

Amazingly Focused Lead Sound

Ever wondered if something was missing in your playing but you couldn't pin it down?

Alan Fraser
Jun 30, 2019

Real Debussy-Strange Combination of Static and Moving

Exploration of the sound is incredibly important piece of the puzzle.

Alan Fraser
Jan 13, 2019

Becoming One with the Instrument

This is what it's all really about

Alan Fraser
Dec 20, 2018

Chopin-Etude in E Major Op 10 No 3

Working on a specific touch that works for entire etude

Alan Fraser
Jul 18, 2018

Magical Moments that Matter

Series wrapup. And we also talk about that magic in sound that means a difference

Kemal Gekic
Jul 7, 2018

More Vibrant Sound

And the hand organisation that allows it

Alan Fraser
Jun 18, 2018

D Major Two Part Invention

We are in search of that specific D major bubbly sound

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Jun 13, 2018

Feel the Melody Pulsing

Asked by: ingela

Alan Fraser
May 7, 2018

Rich and Powerful Sound With Arm Weight Technique

Alan explains the real mechanics behind the arm weight technique

Alan Fraser
Apr 24, 2018

Feel the Vibration of the Key

Expression arises out of physical relationship with the piano

Alan Fraser
Jan 16, 2018

When Would You Use Flat Palm

Flat palm for different tone quality

Alan Fraser
Oct 23, 2017

Articulate Through the Sheen of the Pedal

Feel the string vibration

Alan Fraser
Oct 16, 2017

Ondine - The Grammar of Touch

Book II, Prelude No. 8

Alan Fraser
Oct 6, 2017

Getting All the Colors We Need out of the Piano

No weight of the arm interfering with "dancing" with the notes

Alan Fraser
Aug 25, 2017

If We Grasp We Instantly Have the Arch Structure of the Hand

Use the arch and nullify the uglu down forces and get the healty tone

Alan Fraser
Jul 19, 2017

The Fingers are a Delivery System for the Wisdom of the Palm

Intimate contact with the keys, playing with the palm

Alan Fraser
Jul 14, 2017

Antigravity is Wired in to our Neuro Motor System

Alan talks about antigravity function, how to use it and get that springy, pure quality tone

Alan Fraser
Jul 6, 2017

Why The Less Flexible Wrist

You stop moving the wrist and music acquires this static quality

Alan Fraser
May 1, 2017

Understanding Debussy

Alan helps Luba get into this piece

Alan Fraser
Feb 9, 2017