Massive Sound in Liszt without Banging

A lesson on Liszt's Wilde Jagd transcendental etude

Alan Fraser
50min 53s

The Tragedy and the Cure of Arm Weight Technique

An amazing 47 minute long lesson on arm weight with subtitles (Brahms B flat intermezzo Op 117 No 2)

Alan Fraser
47min 46s

We are All Victims of the Relaxation School

Alan make a parallel between playing fingers and human walking

Alan Fraser
8min 2s

Chopin-Hand Structure in the Harp Etude

Beloved harp etude, we got the how

Alan Fraser
14min 11s

Improve Hand Organization for More Beautiful Sound in Fats Waller

Inner hand action and the thumb differentiation

Alan Fraser
20min 39s

Open lessons

All of our open for public lessons, quite a bit of them

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