Lessons tagged with 'Standing'

Maintain the standing function of the hand

There is always a tendency to mess it up

Alan Fraser
Feb 20, 2023

Three basic thing you can do with the piano

Standing, walking and running

Alan Fraser
Jan 14, 2023

Half standing, half touching

Once you understand the techniques, you can experient and look for the right approach

Alan Fraser
Dec 23, 2022

Stand stand

The sound transforms while you stand

Alan Fraser
Oct 4, 2022

Get the stand up action happening before the arm relaxes

Relaxation is present but action needs to happen a bit sooner

Alan Fraser
Jul 8, 2022

Standing enriches the sound

Standing allows you to produce all kinds of sound, from bubbling to loud fortes

Alan Fraser
Jun 14, 2022

Half way between standing and touching

Exploration of a touch. "A little jucier then touching but not so juicy as standing"

Alan Fraser
Apr 21, 2022

Play like a salsa dancer

Fingers/legs moving while torso is still

Alan Fraser
Apr 7, 2022

Feel each note

stand up fully on each note

Alan Fraser
Sep 7, 2021

No thumb under, no finger over

Don't swivel, stand up

Alan Fraser
Dec 29, 2020

Profound functional adjustment

Standing up frees up your forearm and therefore there is less tension

Alan Fraser
Dec 24, 2020

You don't have to put the thumb under

but over actually and it also helps you STAND UP

Alan Fraser
Dec 17, 2020
Alan Fraser
Dec 16, 2020

Living in a contradiction robs you of your energy

Standing up, eliminates the contradiction in the hand

Alan Fraser
Dec 15, 2020

Find that ballance point

It's an internal state that needs to be constantly cultivated

Alan Fraser
Dec 10, 2020


Exercise 3

Alan Fraser
Jun 5, 2020

One Fundamental Idea that will Change Your Piano Technique

Something so simple but not taught well

Alan Fraser
Sep 30, 2018

Chopin-Etude in E Major Op 10 No 3

Working on a specific touch that works for entire etude

Alan Fraser
Jul 18, 2018

Feel The Weight of Your Arm

But it's not only that, isn't it?

Alan Fraser
Apr 24, 2018

Teach The Reflexes to Stand Up in Fast Tempo

The functional hand can not collapse in fast tempo

Alan Fraser
Apr 12, 2018

Standing in Scales and Why is it Important

Alan is working with a young pianist and explaining the importance of standing

Alan Fraser
Apr 11, 2018

Stand Up Straight Up

We are deconstructing the stand up motion

Alan Fraser
Jan 24, 2018

Means of Establishing a New Relationship with the Gravity

How should we really perceive gravity

Alan Fraser
Oct 31, 2017

Rhythmic Differentiation and the Motion that Stands Your Hand Up

Alan introducing the concept of rhythmic differentation

Alan Fraser
Oct 24, 2017

Keeping the Angle the Same

The structure needs to be elastified

Alan Fraser
Jul 31, 2017

Putting the Thumb Under in Scales

Alan is busting the myth: opposition, not flexion

Alan Fraser
Jun 5, 2017

Standing and Arm Weight How To

Remon is caught up in dichotomy. Standing is good but thinking about it all the time can be inhibiting.

Alan Fraser
May 15, 2017

Hitting vs Standing Up

Getting that sound we need requires a technical backing

Alan Fraser
Apr 27, 2017

Alan Working with the Clarinetist

Clarinet-Kreisler-Leibeslied (Vussem 2014)

Alan Fraser
Mar 24, 2017

Very Alive Fingers

Rotation is allowing fingers to stand up

Alan Fraser
Mar 22, 2017

Elastic Standing

A fresh take on arm weight. Thumb through shoulder connection via elastic thumb

Alan Fraser
Mar 15, 2017

Clementi Sonatina and Standing

Teaching a young pianist to stand up and the sound is better right away

Alan Fraser
Dec 25, 2016

The Sense of Connection

Alan talks about the need of proper connection to the instrument and explains standing

Alan Fraser
Sep 5, 2016

The Whole Finger Action Via Thumb Opposition

Thumb opposition is one of the basic hands movements and Alan explains why is it very importnat in piano playing

Alan Fraser
Jun 5, 2016

Chopin-Scherzo in B flat minor Part 1

Alan and Frits continue their work from the last year and talk about the importance of standing

Alan Fraser
Jun 1, 2016

Beethoven-Fur Elise Part 2

Many great things in this lesson. Alan explaines many key aspects of his approach

Alan Fraser
May 26, 2016

Beethoven-Fur Elise Part 1

Alan is helping a stundent's dysfunctional hand stand up and gives great performance advice

Alan Fraser
May 22, 2016

Standing Hand in Scales

Alan is explaining how to 'stand up' the hand while playing scales

Alan Fraser
May 20, 2016

Just Stand Up and Walk

Take your time but do stand up and walk. Feldenkrais and Menuhin anecdote

Alan Fraser
May 6, 2016

The Difference Between Falling Down and Standing Up

Alan talks about the dome of the hand, harpsichord technique and touch

Alan Fraser
May 2, 2016

Piano Walking and the Young Pianists

Alan works with a young student and explains the propper technique

Alan Fraser
Mar 14, 2016

Drop and Stand

Functional standing that gives us the quality tone

Alan Fraser
Mar 14, 2016

The Importance of Standing

Alan stresses the importance of standing hand from a young age

Alan Fraser
Mar 11, 2016

Second Ballade Opening

Standing, double escapement..

Alan Fraser
Jan 8, 2016

Use Your Hand Muscles and Stand

How to stand and why is it important?

Alan Fraser
Jan 5, 2016

Fundamental Function

Vussem workshop, a bit slower lesson but it does describe well some of the key elements

Alan Fraser
Nov 10, 2015

Skeletal Piano Playing

Respectig the laws of the skeleton

Alan Fraser
Sep 28, 2015

On Structure - Standing - Pressure

Lots of things going on in this lesson. Alan mainly talks about hand structure and function

Alan Fraser
Sep 4, 2015

On Standing on the Keyboard

AFF Institute - Victoria, BC - July 2015

Alan Fraser
Aug 31, 2015