Lessons tagged with 'Speed'

Piano Somatics & Developing Velocity at the Keyboard

Alan shows us some of the underlying skill sets one needs to develop in order to play really fast passages

Alan Fraser
May 7, 2024

Use the new sense of moving horizontally to improve fast notes

We apply the learned in faster tempo now

Alan Fraser
May 29, 2022

The fingering must always be the same

It's about the speed really

Alan Fraser
Sep 24, 2021

Long trills and finger agility

A question about trills

Alan Fraser
Mar 23, 2021

Nikolai Kapustin - Etude Op. 40 No.1 Part 3

Mini series wrap up. Practice and plan your 'dance' choreography well.

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Dec 2, 2020

Nikolai Kapustin - Etude Op. 40 No.1 Part 1

My biggest takeaway is efficient management of time and resources really. You really have to plan things well.

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Mar 8, 2020

How to Play Fast Scales

Hot seat workshop in Vussem, Germany 2016

Alan Fraser
Oct 1, 2016

The Whole Finger Action Via Thumb Opposition

Thumb opposition is one of the basic hands movements and Alan explains why is it very importnat in piano playing

Alan Fraser
Jun 5, 2016

Solidify the Structure Through the Movement

The effects strengthening of the hand has on speed and movement

Alan Fraser
Oct 7, 2015

Suppleness and Speed

How to gain even more speed when playing

Alan Fraser
Oct 6, 2015

Chopin - Op 10 No 1 - How to Play Faster - Rotation

Alan is helping a student play this etude faster by introducing rotation

Alan Fraser
Oct 5, 2015