Lessons tagged with 'Relaxation'

Move the body

You have to move the body and find that sweet spot, not too tense, not too relaxed

Alan Fraser
Aug 29, 2022

The cure for tension is action

"If you use relaxation to cure tension you replace one problem with another"

Alan Fraser
Jul 12, 2022

Get the stand up action happening before the arm relaxes

Relaxation is present but action needs to happen a bit sooner

Alan Fraser
Jul 8, 2022

You are relaxed, good, now do something

Enrich the sensation of the palm to your own advantage

Alan Fraser
Jul 1, 2022
Alan Fraser
Jul 16, 2018

Is Over Relaxtion Limiting Your Sound

Structured vs relaxed hand and the sound we get (bone connections

Alan Fraser
Nov 7, 2017

We are All Victims of the Relaxation School

Alan's lecture/lesson from his recent presentation in England

Alan Fraser
Mar 22, 2017

Mendelssohn Dueto Op.38 No.6 and on Relaxation Part 1

Alan talks about positive and negatives sides of relaxation in piano playing via Mendelssohn

Alan Fraser
Mar 16, 2015