Lessons tagged with 'Pulse'

Pulse Patterning DVD intro

First few minutes of Pulse Patterning DVD

Alan Fraser
Nov 26, 2020

Feel the Melody Pulsing

Asked by: ingela

Alan Fraser
May 7, 2018

Rhythm is Everything - Conclusion

Rhythm is music meter are not the same thing

Alan Fraser
Nov 16, 2017

Rhythmic Pulse is a Living Thing

and it must be inflected

Alan Fraser
Nov 13, 2017

About Pulse Patterning

Alan talks and demonstrates pulse patterning, developed by late Charles Aschbrenner. Hirschberg, DE 2011

Alan Fraser
Jun 2, 2017

Use of Pelvis in Rhythmic Shaping

Charles Aschbrenner, creator of Pulse Patterning discusses use of pelvis with Alan

Alan Fraser
Sep 10, 2015