Lessons tagged with 'Practice'

You need to practice intelectually

As well as understand musical structure and go constantly go through musical decisions

Alan Fraser
Feb 1, 2023

The danger of slow practice?

We have to be smart about our piano practice

Alan Fraser
Sep 20, 2021

The first thing you do when you practice the piano

link the physical and musical experience

Alan Fraser
Aug 31, 2021

Do the big movements to wake up your reflexes

Kind of a continuation of a previous answer on practice

Alan Fraser
Jul 14, 2021

How to teach kids to practice the piano properly?

Applies to adults too. Avoid mechanical repetition at all cost and a few other things.

Alan Fraser
Jan 14, 2020

Silent Piano Practicing

Ever practiced on a table top, or electric piano? Is it really beneficial or not?

Alan Fraser
Dec 13, 2019

What is Mindful Practice

A word on proper practicing/techniques or what should we really practice.

Alan Fraser
Nov 25, 2018