Lessons tagged with 'Neck'

The Organic Standing

The hand is related to the body, it's movable and breathing

Alan Fraser
Aug 1, 2019

Remove The Bad Neuro Motor Patterns

and focal dystonia might just go away

Alan Fraser
Jun 27, 2018

Taking the Pressure Off the Neck

Cramped shoulders and how Tai Chi helps with that

Alan Fraser
Jun 22, 2018

Well Organized and Integrated Posture

Where the kinematic chain goes from finger tip through the neck into the core

Alan Fraser
Jun 6, 2018

The Hand - Body Relationship

We not only need to radiate the stand up motion throughout the body but also look into hand body relationship

Alan Fraser
Mar 27, 2018

What is the Function

Don't follow the finger down into the key

Alan Fraser
Mar 26, 2018

Adjustment of Posture in the Functional Sense

vs. mechanical sense and all that applied to piano

Alan Fraser
Mar 21, 2018

Retrain Sensory Motor System

The MRI shows 4 herniated discs in Alan's neck. His self-healing strategy: feed new info into the sensory-motor system

Alan Fraser
Mar 19, 2018

Alan Fraser Injured Holy Cow

Alan injured his hand. Here is what happened

Alan Fraser
Mar 13, 2018