Lessons tagged with 'Hand'

Dance with the piano

Alan is talking about and demonstrating the natural flow of the body that is required while playing

Alan Fraser
Sep 15, 2022

Play like a salsa dancer

Fingers/legs moving while torso is still

Alan Fraser
Apr 7, 2022

Activate the standing muscles in your hand

and use them to play not only scales, but everything really

Alan Fraser
Nov 23, 2020

Individuation of the Sound

The hand has this amazing capacity to individuate parts of itself from within

Alan Fraser
Apr 8, 2018

Prelude in C Minor Book I

Bach - Prelude in C Minor BWV 847

Jovan Haji-Djurich
Feb 5, 2018

Improve Hand Organization for More Beautiful Sound in Fats Waller

Inner hand action and the thumb differentiation

Alan Fraser
Jan 8, 2018

The Shock of Functionality to the Neuro Motor System

to get it out of certain patterns

Alan Fraser
Nov 13, 2017

Is Over Relaxtion Limiting Your Sound

Structured vs relaxed hand and the sound we get (bone connections

Alan Fraser
Nov 7, 2017

The Arch of the Hand is Always Elastically Loaded

Extreme Voicing opens up he sound of the piano, and the arch should be elastic

Alan Fraser
Jul 21, 2017

Hand Arch-Thumb Activation Exercises

Arm should do most of the work, fingers are only keeping the keys down

Alan Fraser
Mar 24, 2017

Bringing Forearm Into the Picture

"Adding" the forearm to the hand

Alan Fraser
Mar 20, 2017

Activate the Thumb

Alan is helping Adrien activate his thumb and make it a bit more organic by allowing it to push the hand up.

Alan Fraser
Mar 17, 2017

Rotation and Elastical Connection

Alan is building up Mario's collapsed hand. The hand is joined by elastic strings of bones and has hyper-snake like movement similar to Chopin's hand.

Alan Fraser
Mar 13, 2017

Hand - Back Relations And Bench Height

Is flexion in the hand echoed in extension of the back and we are also talking about the bench height

Alan Fraser
Mar 8, 2017

Hand Stretching

Asked by: hadarmo2

Alan Fraser
Feb 20, 2017

Chopin-Hand Structure in the Harp Etude Part 1

Chopin's Etude Op.25 #1 - Ohio, November 2016

Alan Fraser
Nov 8, 2016

Rubinstein Arch

Alan is building student's arch from the ground up in a few steps

Alan Fraser
Nov 3, 2016

The Right Kind of Movement

Muscles, hand, arch, movement

Alan Fraser
Oct 31, 2016

Pronation-Supination and the Hand Muscles

Deeging deeper in the hand function and movement, interossei, MCP

Alan Fraser
Oct 29, 2016

Micro Rotation

Alan talks about micro rotation adjustments that are essential to playing

Alan Fraser
Oct 22, 2016


A new series on thumb in the light of the organic hand approach

Alan Fraser
Jul 19, 2016

Organic Hand Series Wrap Up

Alan wraps up the lecture and the series by talking about palm, harpsichord, walking..

Alan Fraser
Jun 14, 2016

Functional Walking and Organic Unity

Walking and the unity of the hand

Alan Fraser
May 24, 2016

Standing Hand in Scales

Alan is explaining how to 'stand up' the hand while playing scales

Alan Fraser
May 20, 2016

Shake Hands with The Piano

In a moving way..the propper way to touch the piano

Alan Fraser
Apr 6, 2016

Functional Look of The Hand

Alan talks about how student's hands transform and look better when being functional

Alan Fraser
Apr 2, 2016

The Organic Hand

Translate vertical movement to horizontal phrase shaping

Alan Fraser
Mar 30, 2016

Unstable Equilibrium

Completely unstable but balanced hand

Alan Fraser
Mar 30, 2016

The First Lesson-Hand Position

A question on how do we set up a beginner's hand on the piano

Alan Fraser
Mar 19, 2016

Elastic Bowing Movement in the Finger

Alan talks about curved finger curles, Glenn Gould and Horowitz and other various techniques

Alan Fraser
Mar 4, 2016

Basic Function of the Hand

Alex just had his first lesson with Alan. He learns how to use his hands efficiently

Alan Fraser
Mar 1, 2016

Structural Stability for Better Alberti Bass

Alan is talking about Alberti bass and hand structure

Alan Fraser
Feb 15, 2016

Organic Use of the Hand at the Piano

Alan sharing new discoveries

Alan Fraser
Feb 3, 2016

Elastic Hand - Playing From Within The Key

Melt your hand into the piano and get alive sound

Alan Fraser
Jan 15, 2016

Thumb and the Rest of the Hand

Asked by: hadarmo2

Alan Fraser
Jan 2, 2016
Alan Fraser
Dec 26, 2015

Biotensegrity for a Better Hand

Biotensegrity makes every piano approach better and unifies them all

Alan Fraser
Dec 8, 2015

Elastic Release and Extensors

Alan talks about elastic loading, stretch reflex, Kemal Gekic, Taubman

Alan Fraser
Nov 23, 2015

Proactive Hand

We talk about the arch, the thumb, standing up and proactive hand

Alan Fraser
Oct 27, 2015

Slow Hand Exercises Part 2

We continue where we left off in part 1

Alan Fraser
Jul 3, 2015

Slow Hand Exercises Part 1

A follow up lesson where Alan and Will practice core principles like the arch on slow excercises

Alan Fraser
Jun 21, 2015

On hand structure - function and injury Part 4

Last part in this mini series, Alan helps Will stand up and get desired results

Alan Fraser
Jun 19, 2015

On hand structure - function and injury Part 2

Alan is 'rebuilding' Will's hand using Feldenkrais techniques

Alan Fraser
Jun 7, 2015