Lessons tagged with 'Empowering'

Piano Somatics & All Thumbs: Well-Coordinated Piano Technique

Alan's introduces his third book, all about the thumb's crucial role in empowering the entire hand at the piano

Alan Fraser
May 22, 2024

Activate these things for 10x more power

A few simple tips from Alan

Alan Fraser
Aug 23, 2022

The Empowerment Needs to be Truly Functional

In other words, no clenching, just pure power/function

Alan Fraser
Apr 10, 2019

Hand Arch is the Voice of the Piano

Empowered structure = the piano's voice

Alan Fraser
Apr 7, 2019

Empowering the Hand Part 4

'Use a sensory experience to make a musical shape'

Alan Fraser
Apr 10, 2015

Empowering the Hand Part 1

Alan is answering Nick's questions

Alan Fraser
Jan 29, 2015