Young Pianists

Alan has worked with many young pianists over the years. We will be publishing some of the most interesting lessons here.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 13 Episodes

schedule 3 hours 40 minutes 43 seconds

Updated: 4 years ago


Episode 1

Arm Weight Discussion

A lesson with a young pianist from 2009. Alan talks about arm weight and skeletality

access_time9 minutes 33 seconds


Episode 2

Beethoven-2nd Concerto-3rd Mvt-Joplin-The-Entertainer

Recorded in 2002

access_time28 minutes 20 seconds


Episode 3

Clementi Sonatina and Rhythm

Carter's rhythm is a bit off and Alan jumps in to help.

access_time6 minutes 27 seconds


Episode 4

Clementi Sonatina and Standing

Teaching a young pianist to stand up and the sound is better right away

access_time6 minutes 39 seconds


Episode 5

Schumann-Wild Rider

Alan's take on the famous children's piece. If you teach piano, you will find this lesson super useful.

access_time9 minutes 48 seconds


Episode 6

Chopin-G Minor Polonaise

Polonaise in g minor, 1817, published by Chopin's father on behalf of his son

access_time27 minutes 6 seconds


Episode 7

Scales are the Grammar of Music

Alan and a young pianist working on b flat minor scale

access_time8 minutes 14 seconds


Episode 8

Developing Hand Hip Joint with Walking Exercise

Thumb exercises and functional hand, introduced to a young pianist

access_time6 minutes 30 seconds


Episode 9

Rachmaninoff - C# Prelude

Alan working with a young pianist

access_time15 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 10

Intro to Pianimals

A short lecture Alan gave on his latest project Pianimals in Montreal, Canada in March 2019

access_time23 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 11

Piano Exercises for Beginners

A bit of theory and hands on exercises with young pianists. From Montreal, CA 2019 workshop

access_time30 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 12

Chopin - Nocturne in E Flat Major Op. 9 No. 2

Young pianist and Alan working on the famous nocturne

access_time20 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 13

Bach - C major prelude

C major prelude with a young pianist

access_time27 minutes 5 seconds