World Of Debussy Articulations

We are discovering the magical world of Debussy via Prelude La Terrasse des Audiences du Clair de Lune.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 8 Episodes

schedule 43 minutes 45 seconds

Updated: 5 years ago


Episode 1

Understanding Debussy

Alan helps Luba get into this piece

access_time8 minutes 11 seconds


Episode 2

Getting That Debussy Sound

We are trying to understand and decipher that specific sound

access_time6 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 3

The Wrist Movement for Debussy

Alan shows a wrist movement totally opposite from what you would expect

access_time5 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 4

Sense of a Buzzing Color

Alan wants to hear all the voices and brings out more peculiarities of Debussy's composing style

access_time6 minutes 7 seconds


Episode 5

Why The Less Flexible Wrist

You stop moving the wrist and music acquires this static quality

access_time5 minutes 44 seconds


Episode 6

Ondine - The Grammar of Touch

Book II, Prelude No. 8

access_time8 minutes 37 seconds


Episode 7

Articulate Through the Sheen of the Pedal

Feel the string vibration

access_time3 minutes 26 seconds


Episode 8

Real Debussy-Strange Combination of Static and Moving

Exploration of the sound is incredibly important piece of the puzzle.

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