Weight Unsuited to Moving a Lever

A lecture on weight in general in piano playing.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 4 Episodes

schedule 19 minutes 17 seconds

Updated: 5 years ago


Episode 1

Weight Unsuited to Moving a Lever

Alan talking about his work with Phil his school of pianism.

access_time5 minutes 41 seconds


Episode 2

Bones Take Over the Work of the Muscles

Very simple idea, but how often do we really practice it?

access_time4 minutes 56 seconds


Episode 3

The Series of Losses of Balance and Regaining of Balance

What is walking Alex? How does this apply to the piano?

access_time4 minutes 6 seconds


Episode 4

Is Weighted Touch Good for You

Weighted touch reduces melodic flexibility and orchestral sound

access_time4 minutes 34 seconds