Unstable Equilibrium

Let's explore this concept a bit further


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

How to Establish a State of Unstable Equilibrium

Ballancing up and down forces, but how would you do that?

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Episode 2

Transfer of Weight Not Falling

Pelvis (arm hip-joint) is smoothing everything out

access_time3 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 3

Elasticity and Unstable Equilibrium

Walking = unstable quilibrium, running = elasticity + ballance

access_time3 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 4

I Feel So Free

There is a need for establishing proper lingo

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Episode 5

Why Piano Mannerisms Are Not Good For You

Be relaxed, they said

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Episode 6

The Neutral Point

is the point where the greatest amount of potential energy is available

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Episode 7

Unstable Equilibrium is a Theoretical Thing

and the term comes from physics

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Episode 8

Why Would You Use This in Piano Playing

or why does this concept matter?

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Episode 9

The Thumb is Only Doing its Job

If you are not swiveling your hand

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Episode 10

What is Muscle Tonus

Many muscles in the hand need to be developed to make the hand functional

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Episode 11

Should You go to the Gym

and build muscle so you can play the piano?

access_time4 minutes 43 seconds