The thumb is the basis of standing

Your thumb is the main pillar in supporting your hand. Taught on Scarlatti toccata d minor


person Alan Fraser

video_library 15 Episodes

schedule 1 hour 13 minutes 36 seconds


Episode 1

If you are feeling tension

you better find another way of playing it

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Episode 2

Learn how to strengthen your thumb knee

Get it as high as you can

access_time4 minutes 39 seconds


Episode 3

Find that ballance point

It's an internal state that needs to be constantly cultivated

access_time3 minutes 37 seconds


Episode 4

Living in a contradiction robs you of your energy

Standing up, eliminates the contradiction in the hand

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Episode 5

The one movement that's gonna help you in so many situations

It's the stand up movement of course

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Episode 6

You don't have to put the thumb under

but over actually and it also helps you STAND UP

access_time4 minutes 14 seconds


Episode 7

Left hand descending arpeggios

Don't reach for the note, know it's there

access_time3 minutes 26 seconds


Episode 8

Profound functional adjustment

Standing up frees up your forearm and therefore there is less tension

access_time4 minutes 16 seconds


Episode 9

No thumb under, no finger over

Don't swivel, stand up

access_time5 minutes 7 seconds


Episode 10

Before you even feel tension, the quality of the sound goes away

Standing exercise

access_time8 minutes 8 seconds


Episode 11

How long until one internalizes all this

Going ack to old ways is normal, it takes time

access_time4 minutes 17 seconds


Episode 12

You can lower the wrist but don't lower your knuckles

Also, playing with the thumb does not mean your hand has to drop

access_time4 minutes 27 seconds


Episode 13

Get the sound you want without sacrificing hand's hip joint

access_time2 minutes 3 seconds


Episode 14

Better control of the keys

The ear starts the appreciate the harmonic color which ultimately gives you better control

access_time4 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 15

Repeated notes

We are looking into repeated notes

access_time12 minutes 26 seconds