The Physics of Orchestration

In Alan's own words: "Probably the best lecture I have ever given".


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

Amazingly Focused Lead Sound

Ever wondered if something was missing in your playing but you couldn't pin it down?

access_time3 minutes 6 seconds


Episode 2

Weighted Touch and the Nature of the Key

Alan covers a few important concepts in this short episode such as paying attention to everything in the score

access_time3 minutes 24 seconds


Episode 3

Piano Key is a Mechanical Mimic of Tensegrity Structure

A wonderful demonstration of orchestration at the piano

access_time3 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 4

Meaning can come through Orchestration

But it shouldn't be imposed or forced

access_time4 minutes 11 seconds


Episode 5

This is how You Orchestrate

Always be moving. Finger action evolves out of the phrase movement.

access_time2 minutes 42 seconds


Episode 6

The Organic Standing

The hand is related to the body, it's movable and breathing

access_time2 minutes 9 seconds


Episode 7

Orchestration in Bach

How do we orchestrate in Bach?

access_time2 minutes 24 seconds


Episode 8

Ways of Coloring Renaissance and Baroque Music

It's all done with the wrist

access_time3 minutes 43 seconds


Episode 9

Controlling the keyboard and sound production

We are talking about the controlling the keyboard and sound production and Alan claims it all happens before we even play

access_time2 minutes 57 seconds


Episode 10

Orchestration is Done with Articulation

Orchestration is done with articulation instead of dynamics

access_time2 minutes 56 seconds