The Organic Hand

From a lecture given during AFI - Leusden 2016


person Alan Fraser

video_library 7 Episodes

schedule 37 minutes 31 seconds


Episode 1

The Difference Between Falling Down and Standing Up

Alan talks about the dome of the hand, harpsichord technique and touch

access_time6 minutes 1 second


Episode 2

Just Stand Up and Walk

Take your time but do stand up and walk. Feldenkrais and Menuhin anecdote

access_time5 minutes 21 seconds


Episode 3

The Wisdom of The Palm

How do we make up the lost time and get up to speed with the propper technique

access_time3 minutes 40 seconds


Episode 4

The Whole Finger Action Via Thumb Opposition

Thumb opposition is one of the basic hands movements and Alan explains why is it very importnat in piano playing

access_time4 minutes 32 seconds


Episode 5

The Small Hand is a Perception

Think you can't play because of your small hands? See what Alan has to say on that

access_time6 minutes 52 seconds


Episode 6

How Do We Apply All This in Music

We are talking about phrasing, sound, horizontal playing..

access_time4 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 7

Organic Hand Series Wrap Up

Alan wraps up the lecture and the series by talking about palm, harpsichord, walking..

access_time6 minutes 6 seconds