The hand arch and the body

Taken from the lecture of the same title Alan gave in Rovereto, Italy


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

There is something in between tension and relaxation

If you are tense you can't play but you also can't when you are relaxed, so..?

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Episode 2

Move the body

You have to move the body and find that sweet spot, not too tense, not too relaxed

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Episode 3

The piano hand arch

Through the lense of Feldenkrais

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Episode 4

My head stays in the middle

A Feldenkrais exercise demonstrated by Alan

access_time4 minutes 51 seconds


Episode 5

Four sit bones

or ischial tuberosity

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Episode 6

Educate the motor cortex

Our focused mind can only handle so much while we play. We need to educate the body how to play

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Episode 7

Dance with the piano

Alan is talking about and demonstrating the natural flow of the body that is required while playing

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Episode 8

Go slow in order to go fast

Learn music slower but in the end you play musically much quicker

access_time4 minutes 17 seconds


Episode 9

This is how you play the piano musically

Save yourself from additional work and do things the right way right away

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Episode 10

You need a good relationship with the piano

The purpose of these ideas is to make us play the piano even better

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