The Good Arm Weight Technique

A new explanation of arm weight technique based on Alan's recent work with Kemal


person Alan Fraser

video_library 6 Episodes

schedule 32 minutes 56 seconds


Episode 1

Elastic Standing

A fresh take on arm weight. Thumb through shoulder connection via elastic thumb

access_time6 minutes 5 seconds


Episode 2

Activate the Thumb

Alan is helping Adrien activate his thumb and make it a bit more organic by allowing it to push the hand up.

access_time3 minutes 47 seconds


Episode 3

Play it with Elan

Playing from the gut, giving the hand more energy and enthusiasm and a bit about martial art

access_time3 minutes 44 seconds


Episode 4

Do not Bend Your Thumb

Energy infusion needed to not bend your thumbs

access_time3 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 5

Bringing Forearm Into the Picture

"Adding" the forearm to the hand

access_time1 minute 44 seconds


Episode 6

Standing and Arm Weight How To

Remon is caught up in dichotomy. Standing is good but thinking about it all the time can be inhibiting.

access_time14 minutes 34 seconds