The Famous Pianists

We are covering lives of famous pianists throughout history as well as art movements and how they affected music, piano and technique.


person Jovan Haji-Djurich

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Episode 1

Romanticism and Piano

We are looking into romanticism as an art movement and how it reflected on music and piano

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Episode 2

Chopin - Early Life

We are covering Chopin's early life up until 1831, when he moved to Paris.

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Episode 3

Chopin-Life in Paris 1831-1837

We are talking about Chopin's life in Paris from 1831 to 1837 in this video.

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Episode 4

Chopin and Liszt

We are talking about their personal relationship in this short video

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Episode 5

Franz Liszt - Early Life

We are talking about Listz's early life, up until the moment he moved to Paris

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Episode 6

Franz Liszt in Paris

Liszt in Paris, education, friends and influences..

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Episode 7

Charles-Valentin Alkan

A short video on Alkan

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