Technique & Musicianship

The first movement of The Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 54 - R. Schumann. In this series we really discover the nature of the work and delve into it in detail. All technical concerns are clearly mapped on to the specific musical content of the piece, and we arrive at a whole new understanding of this somewhat enigmatic work.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 4 Episodes

schedule 42 minutes 23 seconds

Updated: 7 years ago


Episode 1

Always Feel the Underlying Current of Sadness

We are beginning our journey into decoding Schumann

access_time23 minutes 57 seconds


Episode 2

Throw Yourself into the Certain Frame of Mind

When you hyper orchestrate, the soul appears

access_time4 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 3

Hitting vs Standing Up

Getting that sound we need requires a technical backing

access_time5 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 4

Exploring the Emotional World

Alan and Luba are looking into very deep emotions, feeling of despondency in the main theme

access_time8 minutes 33 seconds