Scales with Injury

Alan helps out a student with an injury. A unique insight on how to practice and treat an injured hand.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 6 Episodes

schedule 40 minutes 31 seconds


Episode 1

The Movement that Solves the Scales Problem

Intro lesson to the Scales and Injury series

access_time6 minutes 17 seconds


Episode 2

Exercises for Injured Thumb

Alan and Jean are working around the injury and trying to make the thumb work again

access_time5 minutes 20 seconds


Episode 3

Rubinstein Arch

Alan is building student's arch from the ground up in a few steps

access_time6 minutes 37 seconds


Episode 4

The Functional Relationship of Thumb and the Finger

Making a tiny adjustments and the thumb being activated

access_time5 minutes 49 seconds


Episode 5

Functional Wrist and Thumb for Better Scales

Stable wrist, rotation and functional thumb are prerequisites for healthy scales

access_time8 minutes 34 seconds


Episode 6

Left Hand Scales

Alan is showing Jean a few exercises for the left hand scales.

access_time7 minutes 54 seconds