Rhythm is Everything

Alan is talking about the importance of rhythm and rhythmic pulse.


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

Rhythm - Getting Rid of the Compression

There must be no "compression" in your playing

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Episode 2

The First Fundamental Requirement - Good Sound

Alan talks about the beginning of his work with Kemal

access_time1 minute 42 seconds


Episode 3

Rhythmic Differentiation and the Motion that Stands Your Hand Up

Alan introducing the concept of rhythmic differentation

access_time3 minutes 8 seconds


Episode 4

Means of Establishing a New Relationship with the Gravity

How should we really perceive gravity

access_time2 minutes 10 seconds


Episode 5

Good Rhythm Makes Everything Sound Alive

Go to the hypermeasure without losing any of the subordinate rhythmic patterns

access_time2 minutes 11 seconds


Episode 6

Rhythmic Pulse is a Living Thing

and it must be inflected

access_time2 minutes 53 seconds


Episode 7

The Shock of Functionality to the Neuro Motor System

to get it out of certain patterns

access_time2 minutes 18 seconds


Episode 8

Rhythm is Everything - Conclusion

Rhythm is music meter are not the same thing

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