Quick improvement in intermediate repertoire

An impressive improvement after only one lesson on the Debussy Arabesque


person Alan Fraser

video_library 6 Episodes

schedule 50 minutes 5 seconds

Updated: 1 year ago


Episode 1

Voice differentiation with a standing hand

Hanging hand exercise

access_time10 minutes 3 seconds


Episode 2

Your ears tell you, this is right

Fingers work but the brain must think

access_time6 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 3

Half way between standing and touching

Exploration of a touch. "A little jucier then touching but not so juicy as standing"

access_time10 minutes 11 seconds


Episode 4

Standing enriches the sound

Standing allows you to produce all kinds of sound, from bubbling to loud fortes

access_time5 minutes 26 seconds


Episode 5

Stand stand

The sound transforms while you stand

access_time12 minutes 29 seconds


Episode 6

Half standing, half touching

Once you understand the techniques, you can experient and look for the right approach

access_time5 minutes 31 seconds