Prokofiev - Sonata No 3 in a Minor

Kemal Gekic teaching Profokiev's sonata in a minor no 3 in Banja Luka, 2019


person Kemal Gekic

video_library 7 Episodes

schedule 55 minutes 52 seconds


Episode 1

Prokofiev is Polyphony

We are kicking off this series with a performance and a little discussion on musical character and polyphony in Prokofiev's works

access_time11 minutes 3 seconds


Episode 2

That One Melodic Line

Accompaniment needs to stay below and the piece needs to have some character

access_time5 minutes 49 seconds


Episode 3

Singing Thumb

We are still working on the theme and the hidden voice in the middle

access_time5 minutes 17 seconds


Episode 4

Quiet as Cinderella

Kemal focuses on explaining how different sounds can bring out a variety of different characters

access_time8 minutes 53 seconds


Episode 5

Hands differentiation and atmosphere

access_time5 minutes 55 seconds


Episode 6

In the valley of the shadows

access_time9 minutes 23 seconds


Episode 7

Pace your self with complicated passages or jumps

We have to make sure we can make it and that the music "breathes"

access_time9 minutes 32 seconds