Practical Technique Tips

Series dedicated to small tips useful when learning a new piece or we get stuck somewhere in the score.


person Alan Fraser

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schedule 59 minutes 5 seconds

Updated: 3 years ago


Episode 1

La Campanella - Opening

Ten minute segment on the famous La Campanella opening

access_time9 minutes 32 seconds


Episode 2

Internalizing Musical Intention

Today we are talking about inner organization of the hand in order to archive a special quality of sound

access_time3 minutes 43 seconds


Episode 3

How to play pianissimo on piano

People often forget about the standing hand when playing pianissimo. But what if there is a way?

access_time9 minutes 7 seconds


Episode 4

Glenn Gould piano technique

A question about Why Glenn Gould sat so low turns into a great rant about musicianship

access_time9 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 5

How to teach kids to practice the piano properly?

Applies to adults too. Avoid mechanical repetition at all cost and a few other things.

access_time4 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 6

Op. 2 No.3 Opening

A quick video on those two famous double thirds bars.

access_time3 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 7

On stagefreight

If it's not debilitating, it's kind of good for you

access_time5 minutes 30 seconds


Episode 8

On concentration

Almost everybody looses their focus very quickly into the practice round. A few ideas from Alan on the subject

access_time4 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 9

Chopin - Op 10 No 1 opening

Reverse ding dong moment

access_time9 minutes 17 seconds