Playing with the broken arm


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

Can Feldenkrais help injured hand pronation?

A student broke her hand many years ago and it hasn't healed properly. Now the shoulders and the whole body are tensed up and compensate for the broken arm.

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Episode 2

Hand like a lung exercise

Exploring horizontal movement of the injured hand

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Episode 3

The brain creates limitations to go along with other limitations

Brain took a local problem and globalized it to the whole body

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Episode 4

Pronation is coming from increased differentiation of fingers

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Episode 5

Mysterious inflation of the hand

Hand is like a lung. When you inflate the hand, you can play and move.

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Episode 6

Diaphragm is expanding your hand

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Episode 7

Feel the wholebody

The body is moving and floating freely and the sound is great

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Episode 8

The brain likes well organized patterns

The series recap.

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