Phil Cohen and Alan Fraser

Alan's sessions with his mentor Phil Cohen


person Alan Fraser

video_library 10 Episodes

schedule 4 hours 33 minutes 22 seconds

Updated: 5 years ago


Episode 1

Your Relationship with the Instrument

Phil and Alan conversating about the right way to approach an instrument

access_time7 minutes 37 seconds


Episode 2

Gliding and Communicating Palm

Phil and Alan work on palm and armpit integration

access_time8 minutes


Episode 3

The Armpit Integration

Phil and Alan working on armpit integration

access_time11 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 4

Armpit and Shoulders

Phil and Alan discuss humerus,armpit and shoulders

access_time23 minutes 11 seconds


Episode 5

Chopin-A flat Major Polonaise Op 53 Part 1

Phil and Alan working on the heroic polonaise - September 2014, Canada

access_time46 minutes 35 seconds


Episode 6

Chopin-A flat Major Polonaise Op 53 Part 2

Part two of two. Whole lesson from September 2014 with Phil

access_time14 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 7

Rachmaninoff - G sharp Minor Prelude with Phil

40 minute lesson with Phil Cohen from 2014

access_time39 minutes 16 seconds


Episode 8

The Body

Phil Cohen talking about the relationship between body and the piano

access_time32 minutes 31 seconds


Episode 9

Scriabin-Vers la Flamme

Alan and Phil working on Scriabin

access_time39 minutes 23 seconds


Episode 10

Rachmaninoff-D minor Sonata Opening Part 1

from February 2016

access_time50 minutes 53 seconds