Mephisto Waltz No. 1 with Kemal Gekic

Kemal Gekic teaching Mephisto Waltz No. 1


person Kemal Gekic

video_library 12 Episodes

schedule 1 hour 25 minutes 53 seconds


Episode 1

What is this Waltz All About

Stefan performs for Kemal and they start working on the piece, trying to understand what it is about.

access_time14 minutes 23 seconds


Episode 2

Architectural Planning in Music

The piece has its own life and dynamic. A performer needs to be well aware of those

access_time5 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 3


Kemal is looking for a specific dirty sound and explains the difference between accents and non accents

access_time5 minutes 45 seconds


Episode 4

Liszt and Musical Meter

Kemal talks about meter and how elastic it can be in Liszt's compositions.

access_time5 minutes 26 seconds


Episode 5

Striking Effects

We are talking about dynamics and some interesting effects one should do when playing this waltz

access_time6 minutes 16 seconds


Episode 6

It's All About the Atmosphere

You can play all the notes but the "atmosphere" has to be there

access_time7 minutes 41 seconds


Episode 7

Interesting Harmonies

We are covering dolce appassionato and presto sections and talking about the character, harmonies..

access_time6 minutes 44 seconds


Episode 8

Mystery Hidden in the Layers of Sound

We are moving through the piece and talking about the sound differentation, layers

access_time6 minutes 11 seconds


Episode 9

The Whole Structure of the Piece

We are talking about the structure and Kemal points out that everything played must really sound well

access_time7 minutes 14 seconds


Episode 10

This is not a Chopin Etude

The sound we are looking for here is more raw

access_time7 minutes 37 seconds


Episode 11

It Needs to Sound

No matter what you think about the music or the score, it really needs to sound/resonate/vibrate..

access_time4 minutes 39 seconds


Episode 12

Magical Moments that Matter

Series wrapup. And we also talk about that magic in sound that means a difference

access_time8 minutes 32 seconds