Larger and Warmer Sound

How do we get a big and warm sound? By taking out all the "down".


person Alan Fraser

video_library 6 Episodes

schedule 26 minutes 14 seconds


Episode 1

How to get Big Sound at the Piano

Working with the keys, not against them and making the strings vibrate the right way

access_time4 minutes 13 seconds


Episode 2

Getting All the Colors We Need out of the Piano

No weight of the arm interfering with "dancing" with the notes

access_time4 minutes 45 seconds


Episode 3

How to Get a Loud Sound Without Banging The Piano

By going up instead of down

access_time2 minutes 44 seconds


Episode 4

Balancing All the Down Forces with up Forces

Perceiving more "up" than "down"

access_time3 minutes 1 second


Episode 5

What is Unstable Equilibrium

We are also talking about rotation, arm weight, directions of movement and more

access_time7 minutes 10 seconds


Episode 6

More Vibrant Sound

And the hand organisation that allows it

access_time4 minutes 21 seconds