Jazz Piano & Physical Movement

Alan working with jazz pianists.


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

The Real Arm Weight and Jazz Piano

Could arm weight be beneficial to jazz pianists if explained well?

access_time5 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 2

Continuous Weighted Touch

Eliminating negative stacking effect of weight on piano

access_time5 minutes 27 seconds


Episode 3

Keith Jarrett Sound

Alan is helping Marvin find that weighted touch that still allows him to move

access_time8 minutes 34 seconds


Episode 4

Standing action is the base element

of the weight technique

access_time6 minutes 55 seconds


Episode 5

Confidence - Your Hand Must Be Set up Well

Hand hip joint, curled thumb

access_time5 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 6

If you know what your doing you can do it really well

Alan talks more about how to become confident at the piano

access_time6 minutes 7 seconds


Episode 7

The change in perception invokes the change in our practice

Also, never stop moving the sound (Alan)

access_time9 minutes 33 seconds


Episode 8

Move the Sound

Send the energy in the right way

access_time5 minutes 21 seconds


Episode 9

Let the Melody Play You

Two way exchange between the player and piano is what we are after

access_time7 minutes 12 seconds


Episode 10

Oscar Peterson Transcription and Unlocking the Sonority

A few small yet crucial changes in hand can unlock great piano sonority

access_time20 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 11

Improve structure to improve sound in jazz piano

access_time31 minutes 43 seconds