Intro to Piano Kinematics

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person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

Skeletal Functional Dynamics and Feldenkrais Method

A brief intro to Alan's method and the site as a learning tool

access_time2 minutes 23 seconds


Episode 2

There is no Drop

One of the biggest problems in modern piano pedagogy, often not taught the right way

access_time4 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 3

One Fundamental Idea that will Change Your Piano Technique

Something so simple but not taught well

access_time6 minutes 43 seconds


Episode 4

Everything we do is Intimately Related to the Musical Content

All this talk about technique, what about musicianship

access_time6 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 5

Elasticity Explained

This concept once properly understood will make a huge difference in your playing

access_time4 minutes 48 seconds


Episode 6

Slowing Down the Keys and Making Big Sound

A special technique for not only more articulate playing but really healthy sound as well

access_time4 minutes 15 seconds


Episode 7

Body Awareness That Leads to Musical Spontaneity

Body and the musical content

access_time6 minutes 11 seconds


Episode 8

Injury and Dystonia

A bit about injury from Alan's personal experience

access_time11 minutes 35 seconds


Episode 9

What is Mindful Practice

A word on proper practicing/techniques or what should we really practice.

access_time5 minutes 5 seconds


Episode 10

Scales and Arpeggios - The Major Pillar in Your Piano Technique

The one and only way to approach scales and arpeggios

access_time5 minutes 57 seconds


Episode 11

Becoming One with the Instrument

This is what it's all really about

access_time2 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 12

The Physical And the Musical

What are the mechanisms that translate our musical thought to the keyboard?

access_time18 minutes 31 seconds


Episode 13

It's not just Music, it's Poetry

Alan talks about musical tension, singing line of live musical thought

access_time4 minutes 26 seconds