How to do Cortot exercises

Alan goes through a set of Alfred Cortot's exercises from the Rational Principles of Pianoforte Technique


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

Neurological mechanisms make our actions smooth

And we don't really think about it in our day to day activities

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Episode 2

Thumb flexion is not good for your hand

Thumb can move in three different ways but we don't want to flex it really

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Episode 3

Clarify the difference between the standing and touching function

Like the Tai Chi empty step

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Episode 4

Finger islation is totallty anti functional

In independence, there is always inter dependence

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Episode 5

If the arm freezes, it's game over

Everybody wants to over secure but tense up. Arm needs to be in motion all the time

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Episode 6

Awaken the main part of the hand

Forget holding an apple, supination does not let your hand fall down

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Episode 7

Stretching and rotation

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Episode 8

My arm moves me through the phrase

We need to be well balanced when playing the piano, no other way.

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Episode 9

Increasing the horizontal stretch

You hands might be small but you can still stretch them

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