How do we use rotation?

Based on a question submitted by our user markeog, Alan provided an elaborate answer that perfectly suits this series.


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

Amplification of How We Use Rotation

Question turned in a small series and this is part 1. Alan talks about what he has recently learned about rotation

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Episode 2

Unstable Equilibrium and Rotation

Part 2 out of 3 in from Alan's Q&A on rotation. We are talking about the true skeletal alignment and rotating on the note.

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Episode 3

Rotation and the Thumb

Alan is bringing the thumb into the picture. Rotating the opposite way?

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Episode 4

Rotation and Elastical Connection

Alan is building up Mario's collapsed hand. The hand is joined by elastic strings of bones and has hyper-snake like movement similar to Chopin's hand.

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Episode 5

Very Alive Fingers

Rotation is allowing fingers to stand up

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Episode 6

Rotation While Maintaining Skeletal Balance

The paralel between hipjoints and the hand and the ease of lateral movement at the piano

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Episode 7

Taubman Rotation

Alan talks about the importance of explaining and showing these concepts well.

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Episode 8

How to Teach Rotation?

It is a fluid state of your hand. Link it to the thumb!

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