Hanon exercises

Alan talks about Hanon


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

Do not read Hanon

If you read it every time, you are missing the point

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Episode 2

The first thing you do when you practice the piano

link the physical and musical experience

access_time2 minutes 29 seconds


Episode 3

Feel each note

stand up fully on each note

access_time3 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 4

It's always the same thing but the internal pattern is different

and requires specific yet fluid hand adjustments

access_time4 minutes 18 seconds


Episode 5

Put pattern recognitions into your motorics

Basically training your motor neurons

access_time6 minutes 39 seconds


Episode 6

The fingering must always be the same

It's about the speed really

access_time4 minutes 51 seconds


Episode 7

Picking out the background patterns

hidden in the foregroudn patterns

access_time4 minutes 36 seconds


Episode 8

Mind over matter

Alan outlines some good practices while working with hanon exercises

access_time6 minutes 5 seconds